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 Crossing/Construction Information

General Information (Process & Design Guidelines)
For Crossing application, please email: Colorado Agricultural Ditch Company (office@coloradoagriculturalditch.com)

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Looking for the Agricultural Ditch near Golden?  
Please contact their General Manager, Gary Theander, at 303-987-2166

Board Meeting Schedule

Monthly - 1st Thursday of the month @ 9 AM
Location: 9755 Henderson Road, Brighton or 12450 Washington Street, Thornton 

Annual Shareholders Meeting
Held the beginning of November.  
12450 Washington St, Thornton

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Office Phone: 720-556-5842
Ditch Superintendent Phone: 720-346-1598
Urgent/Emergency: Contact Ditch Superintendent

Mail:  P.O. Box 1072, Eastlake, CO 80614

Personnel You May Meet
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Bob Sack, Ditch Superintendent
LeRoy Sack, Ditch Rider